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Memory-enhancing Brain Pills

healthy brain pills
Healthy Brain Pills, 300 pills $12.95

Functions: Driving away fatigue, promoting the recovery of brain functions, enhancing memory and sleeping patterns, inhibiting the ageing of brain cells, improving the activity of brain cells, strengthening the metabolism of brain cells tissue, stimulating blood circulation, improving the functions of all the organs of a human body and regulating the brain central nervous system.

Indications: Weakness and fatigue, poor memory, failing brain activity, neurasthenia, insomnia due to the asthenia of kidneys, over toiling of the brain, over-exhaustion of body strength, neurasthenia caused by tense life, etc.


This medicine is made from rare and precious 12 Chinese herbs, and contains a brain-strengthening nutrients refined with the latest advanced pharmaceutical technology of China.

Through long term research and the repeated clinical tests in numerous cases, this product has been proved to promote the metabolism of the brain cell tissue and the brain cells capacity of absorbing the nutrients needed by them from blood. It can strengthen the activity of brain cells, inhibit their premature ageing and promote healthy sleep patterns. It healps return of the cerebral functions to normal.

This medicine is safe and reliable and free from any side effects with its outstanding effects confirmed by modern medical specialists. It is both a brain-treating nutrient suited for men and women, old and young in all the four seasons of a year and a brain-strengthening medicine which is hard to come by.


Serving Size 5 pills
Amount per serving
Jujube (Suan -Zao-Ren) Seed
135 mg
Dong-Quai Root
90 mg
Chinese Yam (Shan-Yao) Rhizome
lycium(Go-Qi-Zi) Berry
55 mg
Schisandra (Wu-Wei-Zi) Fruit
45 mg
Alpina Oxyphylla (Alpinia Oxyphylla Miq.) (Yi-Zhi-Ren) Fruit
45 mg
Amber (Hu-Po)
31 mg
Tabasheer(Bambusa textiles Mc Clure )(Tian- Zhu- Huang)
31 mg
Anemones Altaicae (Anemone altaica Fisch. Ex. A. Mey) (Chang-Pu) Rhizome
31 mg
Red-Rooted Sage (Dan-Shen) Root
31 mg
Oriental Ginseng (Ren-Shen) Root
31 mg
Oriental Arborvitae( Bai-Zj-Ren) Seed
31 mg

Dosage: 5 pills each time 3 times a day with warm boiled water.

Qingdao Growful Pharmaceutical Co. LTD. Made in China.

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