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Sober Up Lozenge.

Sobering-Up Pills sober up

Sobering-Up Pills, 16 pills, discontinued

Highly effective in sobering-up, resolving the liquor, enhancing the drinking capacity, and liver and stomach care.

Hangover Remedy. Natural herbal product.

The lozenge has a cleansing function, delicious taste and natural fragrance. Its five function include sobering up, harmonizing stomach, protecting liver and so on.


Kangtian Sobering-up Lozenge increases the drink capacity.

Functional mechanism:
1. Strengthen the activity of the liver's entoenzyme, fasten the disintegration of the alcohol.
2. Prevent the stomach's from absorption of alcohol, lower the alcohol's thickness in blood.
3. Harmonize alcohol directly, lower the absorption.
4. Improve the direct excretion of the alcohol, shorten the stagnant of alcohol in your body.
5. Protect the organs (especially the liver and the stomach) from alcoholic injury. Improve sobering and recovery.

3-5 pills for each time of liqure drink. For best results take in 10 minutes before drinking or while a bit drunk.
Take 3-5 pills to knock out a hangover before it starts, or relieve one the next day.

Radix Purerariae 15%
Fructus seu semen Hoveniae 15%
Chinese olive 15%
Pencarpium Citri tangerinae 15%
Herba Portulacae 15%
Semen Cassiae 15%
Honey 5%
Cane Sugar 5%

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