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Urinary Stones Remover/Fu Fang Jin Chao


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Urinary Stones Remover/Fu Fang Jin Chao 100 pills

Superior Fu Fang Jin Qian Chao Herbal Pills (Kidney and Gall Bladder Stones breaker/remover) are useful in maintaining a healthy urinary tract.

This medicine is prepared from a formula provided by the Guangxi Medicinal Research Bureau. It is a new, highly effective stone-removing remedy that has been refined by combining several Chinese herbs together. Through clinical tests in hospitals in the Guangxi region, 88.3% of the patients in 800 cases discharged the stones and recovered without any side effects.

Since its recent development this new medicine has quickly become popular with local medical organizations and has been well-received by those who suffer from urinary calculus.

The scientific research shows that Superior Fu Fang Jin Qian Chao pills work better than Niao Shi Tong (Pai Shi Su) and Chanca Piedra.

Kidney Stones (calculus), Renal calculus, Urethral calculus, Cystic calculus, Ureteral calculus, Urethritis, Cystitis, Urinary Tract infection, Inflammation of urethral organs, etc.

Removing Kidney and other Urinary Stones (calculus), Promoting Diuresis, Allaying Inflammations, Breaking Stones, Killing Pains, Staunching Bleeding, and Relieving Strangury.

Desmodium Styracifolium (Lysimachiae, Jin Qian Cao ) - 37%, Yu Mi Yu – 25%, Abrus Contoniensis Hance 14%, Herba Pyrrosiae 12%, Smilax Globra Roxburgh 12%.

Take 5 pills three times a day with lukewarm water. To get best results you should take the pills at least 1 months, so we recommend you to purchase 4-5 bottles.

Avoid bitter, sour, or hot foods. Avoid taking if pregnant.

Size: 100 pills per bottle.

Manufactured by

China National Medicine & Health Products Import & Export Corporation


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